VirArtGallery isn’t a seller and isn’t an intermediary at auctions that organizes.
VirArtGallery simply puts at the disposal of artists and vendors its system of virtual auctions for the sale of their works.
It follows that:

1. the purchaser will have to pay directly to the owner of the artwork who must guarantee for the work’s property, condition, quality, provenance, authenticity and for all other necessary legal guarantees provided by law.

2. the shipment of the work is cured directly by the seller who is directly responsible to the purchaser as provided by law.

3. VirArtGallery disclaims any liability for any legals problems between buyer and seller and in no case will have to respond for their shortcomings.

4. the payment of the contribution (€ 10.00) for each artwork in the auction will be due from the seller in advance and regardless of the outcome of the auction.

5. the duration of the auction is 3 months, after which without having reached the minimum required work will remain unsold.
To propose again the auctioning of the work will require a new contribution of € 10.00.

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