VirArtgallery Auction is the new section dedicated to the Art Auctions of VirArtGallery, a meeting point between artists / dealers of artworks and collectors / buyers from all over the world.


Allow artists or art sellers to set up auctions without having to bear the high percentages cost on sales imposed by the majority of the auction houses.
Allow collectors and potential buyers to bid and follow the auction in real time, sitting, comfortably, in front of their PC, tablet or smartphone, wherever they are.
No percentage commission due: VirArtGallery Auction doesn’t ask for commissions on sales but just a small sum for any artworks (€10) to cover the operating expenses of the entire procedure.
The participant in the auctions will be updated in real time on the offerings, both following the auction directly on the site and by email.
Successful bidders of the auction will be placed directly in contact with sellers, with whom agree on payment methods and shipping of the work purchased.
For all the details, we can refer to our Terms and Conditions.